Put Muskoka’s World-Famous Landscape On Your Wall!

Put Muskoka's World Famous Landscape on your wall.

While many famous places around the world are known for a specific geographic feature such as a majestic waterfall or an architectural marvel such as a medieval castle or a tall sightseeing tower, Muskoka is world renowned for its landscape; a landscape that has been scoured by glaciers and time; a landscape intersected by waterways and dotted with lakes and wetlands; a landscape that beckons us to, enjoy and relax!


Trisha and Sam Soja, the owners of Aquaterra Maps, based out of Bracebridge, are cartographers who display this beautiful Muskoka landscape in all its glory.  Their stunning maps show-case the Muskoka we, as cottagers, year-round residents, and visitors, all love.

Trisha Soja describes The Muskoka Map as “A real conversation piece”.  And who doesn’t like to tell stories of adventures in cottage country or show visitors exactly what Muskoka looks like?

The Muskoka Lakes Boating Chart

The Muskoka Lakes Boating Chart is the most detailed and up to date nautical chart of Lakes Muskoka, Joseph and Rosseau

Aquaterra now also offers this nautical chart as an extra-large wall hanging. Measuring 4′ wide and 4.5′ tall, this map is a striking centrepiece in any cottage or home.

Aquaterra’s District of Muskoka Map is the most detailed wall map of Muskoka available and gives the viewer an amazing impression of the countless lakes and dispersed fabric of idiyllic towns and hamlets.  Plus, a topographical shading effect is used to make the rugged landscape come alive.

Aquaterra Maps is also the creator of The Muskoka Lakes Boating Chart, the most detailed and up-to-date nautical chart of Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph.  Buoy locations, lake depths and navigational hazards are all clearly shown.  Sam Soja explains that through an aerial photography review and conversations with many marina owners and boaters, the locations of numerous rocks and shoals that were previously uncharted, are now included.  A must-have for any boater, this chart also shows all cottage roads and many points of interest.

If you are lucky to have spent time in Muskoka, adding an Aquaterra map to your wall will ensure you, your family and your friends fully appreciate the amazing Muskoka landscape that we find ourselves within.

Aquaterra’s maps can be purchased at many fine marinas and retail establishments throughout Muskoka. To bring the Muskoka landscape into your home or cottage call Sam and Trisha at 705-644-9876 or visit www.AquaterraMaps.com.

The Muskoka Map

The Muskoka Map is a real conversation piece that shows off the beautiful Muskoka landscape.

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